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Only planet with beer… especially the Shocktop Applecrisp cider. damn.

We successfully changed the timing belt on my Mazda!

Got it together and then it wouldn’t start. Checked the belts, they were good. Checked the spark. No spark. Started checking fuses and found a bad fuse. Stole the AC fuse to test it again. Car started! Ran so much quieter that I kinda thought something was wrong.

My hubby and I changed a timing belt! $75 in parts (belt, tensioner spring, valve cover gasket). $25 Haynes manual. Lots and lots of time.

I miss tumblr. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. If you miss seeing me, I’m sorry, I miss you too.

Last Saturday I was out camping and off roading with the guys. And we realized that my truck’s inspection was 2 months out of date. And it had a massive exhaust leak. 

Car died on Monday. A nice guy helped roll me into a gas station where I called my work partner to come get me. He has a car trailer so he tailored me home, and my car buddy came over to diagnose it. 

Timing belt.

Tuesday got the truck inspected. And my best friend’s water broke. She had the baby at 4 am the next day. And it’s a beautiful little girl who I can’t wait to meet. But now both of my cars are acting up.

Yesterday hubby and I bought the parts and started working on the car. Got the new timing belt on, but didn’t finish reassembly. The tensioner spring failed and the belt lost about 6 inches of teeth. 

After struggling to line up the timing marks we finally got that on properly and now we’re up to putting everything back in.

The truck is acting up too. Have to rev it up to start it, and runs well under power but not idling. Going to try fuel injector cleaner.

Running and a breakfast date this morning. Then back to working on the car. Wish me luck.

Haircut! Plus a purple streak.

Haircut! Plus a purple streak.



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A perfect, ‘sorry, not sorry’ apology.

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"In 1979, when the minimum wage was $2.90, a hard-working student with a minimum-wage job could earn enough in one day (8.44 hours) to pay for one academic credit hour. If a standard course load for one semester consisted of maybe 12 credit hours, the semester’s tuition could be covered by just over two weeks of full-time minimum wage work—or a month of part-time work. A summer spent scooping ice cream or flipping burgers could pay for an MSU education. The cost of an MSU credit hour has multiplied since 1979. So has the federal minimum wage. But today, it takes 60 hours of minimum-wage work to pay off a single credit hour, which was priced at $428.75 for the fall semester."

The Myth of Working Your Way Through College - Svati Kirsten Narula - The Atlantic (via infoneer-pulse)

$478 for in-state upperclassmen

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i feel like this study deserves an article written about it that ends pushing for cheaper tuition costs rather than one that ends encouraging students to major in things that make money

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””“”“why did you cut your hair?::”“”“”  i cut my hair to piss you off. specifially you, i was thinking of you when i cut my hair. i was thinking that you, specifically, would be interested in what my newly short hair meant to you, specifically.

Mint tea and cold cheese sticks. The breakfast of the hungover.

I had a blast last night.